9.17.19 - Something New, Something Old.
Hi everyone and welcome to the newly revamped Nick Kienzle Studio site! Tomorrow is my birthday and it marks the end of the first year of my 30's. This past year has been a roller coaster artistically, from caricature training at Walt Disney World with some of the top artists in the industry to moving 976 miles back my hometown of beautiful Lancaster, Pennsylvania. I recently refreshed and cleared out my social media accounts to provide a chance to refocus on my current work and this has cleared the (messy, ink-spotted studio) table for some exciting announcements.

Our Dark Eye: It’s done! And it will be available for sale OCTOBER 20TH in my shop! Thank you to everyone who showed the project some love on Kickstarter. 

Skull Behind The Sky: It is once again available for purchase! Order your copy here!

Let’s Talk Toons: This is a brand new project I’m launching soon. It will be an interview-style blog where I talk with visual creators in the world of cartoons and comics.

New Shop: After a long hiatus, I finally have an eCommerce shop up on Etsy again. In addition to my graphic novels, you can grab some high-quality stickers (and more products soon!). Check it out!

New Website, New Social Media: In addition to refreshing all of my social media accounts (@nickkienzle) to begin my 31st year in a refocused way, I have also revamped my website, both in design and content. 

OBVERSION: And finally, I’m super excited to announce my newest project! OBVERSION will be an interactive story about a mysterious text from a stranger that leads to a daring rescue, set to release on iPhone in 2020. Stay tuned for more details later this year!
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