11.26.20 - Thanksgiving
In a year that seemed to simultaneously speed by and yet also last a lifetime, it's hard to believe Thanksgiving Day is here already. As the crisp air of autumn drifts in, draining the leaves of their color, may this day bring peace, tranquility and reflection. 
9.28.20 - Cover Designs
Here are a few alternate designs in the process of designing the Our Dark Eye cover, originally to be a square format, along with the final design which ended up with a traditional trade paperback 6x9'' format. It stayed fairly consistent with my original idea for a stark, bold look.
9.18.20 - Beginnings.
Today is my birthday, and looking back on the post I made a year ago, it feels infinitely longer than 12 months ago. 365 days feels stretched thinner and longer than any of us thought possible on New Years Eve, dipping our toes into the start of a new decade.
Our Dark Eye: It's finished and available to buy HERE.
OBVERSION: Progress on my first interactive story is going great and is on track to be available for iPhone and Android by the end of the year!
And finally...
COMING SOON: I've been working on a project during quarantine, something I've never done before, and will provide more details coming soon!
3.12.20 - Immersion
Last year I had the opportunity to explore the as-of-then unopened Star Wars land at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida. Since it was a special preview, there were relatively few people and it was a unique chance to be immersed in a stunningly detailed, authentic world. There were times rounding a corner with no one around but a stormtrooper or a droid buzzing about that truly felt transcendent and I felt to transported to a different world.
3.7.20 - XENO ASTRA
I did a thing and made an ambient soundscape album based on the story of Our Dark Eye. You can listen to it right here (and on Spotify, Apple Music, etc.).
1.1.20 - Happy New Decade!
It’s hard to believe, but 2019 is over. As we enter into a new decade, it’s wild to think about how rare these moments are. As a whole, each of us only get a handful of starts to new decades — seven, eight, it’s not many. So on top of a new year, it’s also a new decade. 2020, a number of clarity. For so many of us as artists, the past decade has been a decade of confusion, new paths, adapting to the swirling chaos of politics, social issues and more. Not everything is clear and that’s part of what makes entering into a new decade exciting. 
Over the past decade, I’ve drawn tens of thousands of caricatures, I’ve filled dozens of sketchbooks and thousands of pages of sketches. I’ve gotten married to my best friend (and fellow artist!) and traveled the country while living in a van. I’ve trained with some of the best artists at Walt Disney World. I’ve lived in two states other than the one I grew up in. 2020 is the start of a new decade, giving us a chance for a new start as well as a whole EXTRA day. Stay tuned as I'm planning a special art event you'll be able to participate in as well as a project release for that day!
Also, if you’re in the the Lancaster, Pennsylvania area, the 12 Days of Christmas show mentioned in the previous post is still at Grace Church until January 9th.
Here’s to wishing you all a creative and happy new year!​​​​​
12.4.19 - 12 x 3​​​​​​​
This evening, I had the pleasure of getting to hang my first art show in a long time with my oldest friend, Sam Mylin, and one of my newest, a talented artist named Jeremy Miller. This is the fourth time I've illustrated the 12 Days of Christmas, the first time being a single ink on board pieces and the second and third were a series of Christmas greeting cards. This time I did the series on watercolor paper with acrylic paint and India ink. I'll post photos of all the pieces soon!
If you're in the area, they will be on display at Grace Church in Willow Street, PA until January 5th.
9.17.19 - Something New, Something Old.
Hi everyone and welcome to the newly revamped Nick Kienzle Studio site! Tomorrow is my birthday and it marks the end of the first year of my 30's. This past year has been a roller coaster artistically, from caricature training at Walt Disney World with some of the top artists in the industry to moving 976 miles back my hometown of beautiful Lancaster, Pennsylvania. I recently refreshed and cleared out my social media accounts to provide a chance to refocus on my current work and this has cleared the (messy, ink-spotted studio) table for some exciting announcements.

Our Dark Eye: It’s almost done! And it will be available for sale soon in my shop. Thank you to everyone who showed the project some love on Kickstarter. 

Skull Behind The Sky: It is once again available for purchase! Order your copy here! UPDATE 10/2020: More copies will be available this winter.

New Shop: After a long hiatus, I finally have an eCommerce shop up on Etsy again. In addition to my graphic novels, you can grab some high-quality stickers (and more products soon!). UPDATE 10/2020: It will be back soon!
New Website, New Social Media: In addition to refreshing all of my social media accounts (@nickkienzle) to begin my 31st year in a refocused way, I have also revamped my website, both in design and content. 

OBVERSION: And finally, I’m super excited to announce my newest project! OBVERSION will be an interactive story about a mysterious text from a stranger that leads to a daring rescue, set to release on iPhone in 2020. Stay tuned for more details later this year!
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