5.8.18 - Our Dark Eye - An original graphic novel coming soon!
Hi everyone! I'm pleased to announce my next project - Our Dark Eye is an original 250-page graphic novel coming this fall!
In 1997, Clyde and Evelyn Bandings ventured into the woods of northern Oregon to photograph strange formations in the wildlife. What they discovered was something far more dangerous.
I've finished the thumbnails for the project and am starting to ink the pages now. Here's the fun part: Starting May 19th, I'm going to be live streaming on Instagram from my studio every Saturday morning at 9:00AM. Grab your cereal and a donut or two, and join me as I drink coffee and draw comics live. You'll get to see the progress of the graphic novel and as well other projects I'm working on, and most likely an occasional interruption from our Siamese kitten, Poppy.