What is the hourly rate? And how far will you travel?
$125 per hour. A small travel fee applies for events outside of Polk County, Florida (typically $50). I'll travel wherever you need me! I’m willing to drive (or even fly!) to an event. If your event is a long distance, contact me and we can discuss travel arrangements and cost.
How many people can you draw an hour? Are color caricatures extra?
Typically I can draw 15-18 faces per hour in black and white. Typically I draw in black and white to keep the pace brisk and to ensure more people can get drawn. Color caricatures take a little longer, so my hourly speed for them is usually about 12.
What sort of setup do you have? What size paper are the caricatures drawn on?
I bring my own easel, chair and paper (unless otherwise specified), so I just require a location with good lighting and some seats for guests. I typically draw my caricatures on 8.5×14” legal size paper, but for an additional fee, I can add on a logo to other sizes by request.
How long can I book you for and is there a minimum amount?
There is a 1 hour minimum for events inside of Polk County, Florida, and I require a 2-hour minimum for events outside of that. There is no maximum length, as I’ve done events 6 hours and longer!
What is your cancellation policy?
If there is an emergency or some unforeseen event that absolutely prevents me from coming to your event, the remainder of your invoice will not be due and I will return your deposit. If you need to cancel, the reminder of your invoice will not be owed and all that will be paid will be the nonrefundable deposit amount (20% of your invoice).
How much are digital (studio) caricatures?
Studio caricatures are drawn from photos, professionally printed and mailed directly to you! They're great for a surprise birthday gift or a family holiday card. Prices for color caricatures are $25/face and are discounted to $20/face when you have 3 or more faces. Shipping is typically $5-$10 depending on your location.
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