​​​​​​​​​​​​​​I am an illustrator & cartoonist telling visual stories set in mysterious worlds.
1999-2006: Studied under visual artist and cartoonist Sam Mylin, including traveling throughout Pennsylvania, Delaware and New Jersey to assist with teaching art camps and clubs
2004-2008: Founding member of Two Trees Cartoon Guild in Lancaster, PA
2006-2009: Studied Game Art & Design and Graphic Design at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh Online Division
2007: Began working professionally as a live caricature artist, having now drawn over 20,000 faces
2008: Edited and published 400+ page live comic anthology "Draw Til You Lose Yer Head" and started freelance art studio
2009-2018: Helped co-found and as serve as Creative Director of  design and marketing firm Wex Marketing LLC 
2015: Married fellow artist Hannah Kienzle, renovated a camper van into a mobile studio and traveled across the United States
2017:  Published first full-length graphic novel, Skull Behind The Sky
2018:  Moved to Central Florida and began work on second graphic novel, Our Dark Eye. 
2019: Finished Our Dark Eye and returned to hometown of Lancaster, Pennsylvania to begin work on several new projects, including OBVERSION, an interactive adventure releasing for iPhone in 2020.
(Psst! I also do swell graphic design and branding here)
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