​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​I am a visual artist and designer creating mysterious worlds through visual stories.
From my earliest memories, I've been drawing and had a desire to build visual worlds and tell stories on those worlds, believing that art is about reflecting the creativity of our Creator. Training under the multi-faceted visual artist Sam Mylin, I went on to study Game Art & Design and Graphic Design in art school and during this time helped organize a local group of young cartoonists in Lancaster, Pennsylvania for four years. Also during this time, I began working professionally as a caricature artist, having now drawn over 20,000 faces across several states during the course of 10+ years.
Out of college, I helped start a marketing firm, Wex Marketing LLC, and served as Creative Director for eight years, creating graphic design assets and branding along with data-driven marketing strategy. In 2015, I married fellow illustrator Hannah Kienzle and we renovated a camper van into a mobile studio, traveling across the United States. 
In 2017, I published my first full-length graphic novel, Skull Behind The Sky and this summer, we relocated near sunny Orlando, Florida with our Siamese kitten. I am currently working on Our Dark Eye, my second graphic novel.
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